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45mm FD-X T1.5

  • Common focus and iris gear positions relative to mount flange, same as K35's

  • New circular iris design

  • Less than 13" minimum object distance.

  • 110mm common front ring diameter.

  • PL mount; back focus adjustable with standard shims.

  • Price: POA (Price On Application)

The 45mm FD-X lens is an addition to the native Canon FD range of lenses. Ideal for situations where you need to fill the gap between the 35mm and the 50/55mm range. Boasting characteristics that match well with the FD series this lens, being a T1.5, adds to the versatility of the FD set. Furthermore, with a close focus of under 13" (32cm) it is a very capable lens.

The 45mm FD-X is based on a 45mm f1.4 Yashica lens. This lens was originally part of a package, with the lens fixed onto the front of the Yashica Lynx-14 camera. Therefore, it has remained unnoticed by the cine world as a viable option for use. However, after extensive testing as well as listening to advice from our trusted customers, we believe this is a suitable addition to the Canon FD focal range. 

As part of the rehousing process, TLS have introduced a new circular iris assembly. This gives the bokeh the same shape as the rest of the rehoused set. Furthermore, the iris and focus gears are in the same position as well as maintaining a 110mm front diameter. The non-linear cam gives this 45mm the same 'feel' as the rest of the set when pulling focus too.

'To inspire through innovation, passion and quality'
'To inspire through innovation, passion and quality'