Guests at NAB

Register For Your Free NAB Exhibits Pass


TLS is looking forward to exhibiting at the annual NAB Show this April 8th-11th in Las Vegas. TLS customers can use our dedicated promo code LV9968 during the registration process to secure a free exhibits pass.

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RED Ranger with VEGA lens

VEGA Prototype Debut at BSC Expo


This February, TLS showcased a selection of our best-known rehoused lenses at the BSC Expo 2019 in Battersea, London. We also had a prototype preview of the new VEGA lens that we're working on.

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TLS Vega lens

TLS Introduces the New VEGA Lens


TLS is pleased to introduce the new VEGA lens, a new series of Full Frame T1.5 cine lenses. VEGA exists in a set of 8, consisting of 20, 24, 28, 35, 50, 85, 105 and 135mm focal lengths. The first two prototype lenses, 24mm and 50mm will be making a prominent prototype debut

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TLS 2019 Tradeshow Line-up

TLS 2019 Tradeshow Line-up Announced


TLS is pleased to announce its tradeshow line-up for 2019. The The team will be traveling across Europe and to the States for several shows – check the full lineup and be sure to come and see us!

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How full-frame sensors are changing the market and how TLS is adapting


TLS head of engineering and design, Gavin Whitehurst says; "people are “desperate for coverage for these [larger] formats” as there is a limited choice of new full-frame lenses" in this IBC report.

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TLS Introduces a new series of lenses


At this year's Media Technology Day, TLS shared its project FF, a new series of Full Frame T1.5 cine lenses with up to 12 focal lengths. The set is to be released in 2019 – for the latest updates and announcements, follow us on Instagram @TrueLensServices and Twitter @WeAreTLS

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