About Us

About Us

True Lens Services are one of the UK’s largest lens rehousing and service providers and now recognised worldwide for their lens innovation with an unbeatable reputation in the design, manufacture, and servicing of filming lenses. 

In September 2020, TLS announced a successful management buyout, allowing TLS to become independent from Procam Television Holdings. This was a step into the future, alongside Foresight Group who had backed the transaction and has provided further investment to support the international growth of TLS and new product development. 

The team at TLS are quite a creative bunch with a passion for the filming industry. Whether you are hoping to rehouse your lenses and bring them up to date or you simply need to give your lenses a quick service, our team holds a vast wealth of lenses knowledge to give you the confidence to trust us with your lenses and the peace of mind to return your lenses to you in top working order.

TLS most recent innovative product is the Vega lenses, which are on sale now. We are very proud of these lenses, as they have been designed and manufactured inhouse and are currently proving to be a great success. The most recent rehousing projects that we now offer is for the Mamiya 645 and the Lomo Anamorphic round front lenses.

To see more of what we do, take a look at our product offering and services section.