About Us

About Us

Keith Truslove and Colin Sanders founded TLS in March 2001, bringing a wealth of industry knowledge to meet the demands of high-end filmmakers and videographers by providing bespoke lens innovation and servicing. TLS is now recognised worldwide for its lens innovation, with an unbeatable reputation in the design, manufacture and servicing of lenses.

TLS can convert, service and repair film, broadcast and projection lenses from a wide variety of manufacturers. Whether it is updating vintage lenses to work with modern equipment, preventative maintenance or the repair of damaged worn lenses, the design, test and setup equipment available at TLS allows the service engineers to quickly diagnose faults in order to rectify and return each lens to full working order with minimum inconvenience.

TLS's in-house Design and CNC workshop supports the lens department and is capable of bespoke product design and manufacturing. In addition to lens servicing and conversions, TLS also produces a complete range of its own matte boxes, mechanical supports, adaptor rings and associated camera mounts and fixings for all high end acquisition equipment. Additional support services include repairing grip equipment, tripods, heads, jibs and regular preventative maintenance.

Since the recent acquisition by Procam, the UK’s largest cinematography and camera rental facility, significant investments have been made in TLS to increase staffing, in-house specialist training and expand the already comprehensive product range.

Keith and Colin are proud to introduce key members of the growing team; Gavin Whitehurst specialising in lens engineering and design, and Stephen Lowe, lens servicing. With such strong leadership, TLS will continue in its mission to provide world renowned lens servicing and innovation for generations to come.