Lens Rehousing

Lens Rehousing

True Lens Services developed and refined a brand-new housing that adds modern functionality to legendary optics.

The system we have developed is of modular design and consequently, it has been adaptable in being able to accommodate a wide variety of optical units. This includes our most latest project of rehousing the Mamiya 645 lenses, and many more such as the Cooke lenses (Speed Panchros, Telepanchros, Double Speed Panchros and Kinetals), Baush & Lomb (Super Baltars), Canon K35, Kowa and Lomo Anamorphic lenses.

After an intensive design and development process, you can be confident that our modern housing ensures that the lenses stand up to the rigours of modern day productions.  

To view the full range of the lenses we convert, visit our Lens Rehousing section of the website.

SBc Full set Masked
KCPc Full Set Masked
Panchro set full