Leica Noctilux

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Leica Noctilux

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As you would expect from Leica, this lens performs extremely well in the corners with almost no chromatic aberration or fall-off and once out of focus, the soft swirly bokeh is truly breathtaking.The Leica M lenses have always been known as very special lenses, with the 50mm Noctilux possibly the most legendary out of the set. The Noctilux is ultra-fast and as a result, performs extremely well in low light, as well as having the option of a narrow depth of field that allows you to isolate your subject.

Once rehoused into TLS cam-form metalwork along with PL mount, the lens has an improved close focus of 2’4”. The lens also has a large image circle and as a result, can be used on RED MONSTRO, ARRI LF and Sony VENICE with no vignette.

Please note that TLS will be rehousing the Noctilux as a one-off and won’t be able to offer the rest of the Leica M range.