Lens Servicing & Repair

Lens Servicing & Repair

True Lens Services provides a first-class lens servicing and repair service with a fast turnaround. Our experienced lens engineers have a vast range of skills and experience with HD/SD broadcast, professional, industrial and film lenses.

All servicing is done on our high specification test and alignment equipment, and we only use the manufacturers’ recommended lubricants, cleaning agents and locking compounds, ensuring that your lenses receive the best treatment possible.

From our fully equipped optical workshop, our experienced lens engineers - headed up by Stephen Lowe, Lens Servicing Manager with over eight years' experience - have the skills and experience to undertake most lens repair requests, and will always offer you the best advice and repair service possible.

We have the capabilities to repair, service and test film and video lenses, as well as collimation and projection equipment, which enables us to service and repair lenses such as Carl Zeiss, Cooke, Arriflex, Canon and Fujinon (SD or HD).

TLS provides some of the most competitive prices within the industry and makes it a priority to ensure all projects, no matter how large or small, are completed on time and within budget.

For lens servicing to commence, the customer is required to send the lens to us, including their details and a brief description of the work required. Once the lens is received at TLS HQ, it is booked into our system.

A member of the team will then complete a brief assessment along with a quotation for any recommended work. The lens is ready to be worked on once the quote has been accepted by the customer.

Upon completion of the lens servicing work, TLS will contact the customer to let them know and to make payment before the lens is shipped back. Should the customer refuse the quote, we only ask for the return shipping cost.

Stages of Service for TLS Rehoused Lenses

We pride ourselves in the superiority of our lens servicing, a factor that differentiates us from our competitors. For this reason, TLS’ in-depth specialist servicing is done in three parts as listed below (the outlined process is not exhaustive and is presented to provide an overview of our comprehensive process).

Stage 1
  • The process commences with a straightforward lens ‘health check’. Upon arrival at TLS, each lens is collimated and projected to assess its image quality and back focus setting.

  • If necessary, the back focus is adjusted by adding or removing standard shims and external glass surfaces are cleaned if necessary.

  • The general condition of the lenses, external and internal, is checked as well as the mechanical feel of the focus and iris mechanisms.

  • If any obvious third-party repairs have been carried out, the warranty may be void. Any damage that has occurred through accident or misuse would be quoted for at this stage, at the standard TLS service rate.

Stage 2
  • This stage involves stage 1 and includes the removal of the optical unit from the main chassis house of the TLS re-housing metalwork. In this way, we can carry out a general mechanical service to the TLS manufactured metalwork and its mechanical movements of the focus and iris.

  • Dust and debris are removed during the process with all re-housing components cleaned internally and externally.

  • The main bearing is cleaned out when necessary. Focus cam and follower mechanism are checked and new grease is applied to cam and follower mechanisms. Internal iris mechanism is externally assessed.

  • External inspection of the lens carriages is carried out. Any damaged or worn parts would be quoted for at this point unless covered by TLS one-year warranty.

Stage 3
  • This involves the whole of stage 1 and stage 2, plus strip down of the original manufacturer’s optical unit where possible. Please note: Leica lenses may be more complicated than other lenses that TLS have rehoused.

  • Spare parts for the Leica lenses may not be as readily available as Cooke, Kowa or Bausch and Lomb’s. Provision may have to made for spare parts and optical units by Cinescope. If a customer has scratched or marked a front or rear glass, it may be necessary to replace the whole optical unit. Should the relevant parts not be available, the lenses can be re-worked with polishing and coating.

  • This may also involve changing iris and focus scales on the TLS housing to keep distance and T scale accuracy.

  • At this stage some of the Leica optical units are new to TLS and their strip down and rebuild may be more difficult. Please take this into consideration.

General Conditions
  • All Cinescope re-housings are covered by a 12-month warranty on True Lens mechanisms and metalwork.

  • Leica optical unit parts or mechanisms, external or internal to the Leica lens heads are not included in the Cinescope 12-month warranty.

  • On all three stages, any work that is not covered by TLS warranty would be quoted for before any repair work is carried out. Any new parts required would also be quoted before fitting.

  • Any warranty claims would be assessed and taken up at the sole discretion of TLS.

  • Any carriage costs to and from TLS are not covered by TLS whether within the UK, Europe, or worldwide.

  • True Lens Services is not liable for any consequential claims from the use of the converted lenses.

Canon HJ14ex4.3B IRSE lens
Fujinon Cabrio 85-300mm lens
Fujinon Cabrio 19-90mm lens
Canon 7-63mm T2.6 zoom lens
Canon 8-64mm T2.4 Zoom Lens Before After
Lomo 35mm Anamorphic lens
35mm Lomo Anamorphic Lens Servicing
Fujinon Cabrio 19-90mm lens
Fujinon Cabrio 19-90mm Lens Servicing