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Zeiss Contax

Legendary character, beautifully made

The Zeiss Contax lenses were originally released in the seventies, around the same era as the legendary Zeiss Super Speeds. The Contax lenses have the renowned T* coatings and a wonderful optical design. Originally designed for the stills photography world, these lenses have great coverage coupled with an organic character that differentiates them from any modern optics. They’re often dubbed the ‘full frame super speeds’ and we can see why they’ve gained this reputation.

The TLS Rehousing

TLS have worked their magic and converted them to a full cine lens. 

These beautiful optics are now hand crafted into a robust rehousing offering:-

  • 300 degrees of focus rotation on a non-linear cam;
  • replacement circular iris for perfect bokeh, no matter what stop you’re shooting;
  • focus and iris gears in the same position in relation to the camera;
  • repeatable, individually marked focus scales;
  • 95mm fixed front with no telescoping
  • optically aligned to render their true character.

Available in 2024, pre-order NOW!

'To inspire through innovation, passion and quality'
'To inspire through innovation, passion and quality'