Lens Rehousing  -  Zeiss B Speed

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Lens Rehousing  -  Zeiss B Speed

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Zeiss B Speed 25mm

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The Zeiss B Speeds or Super Speed MK1 as they are sometimes known, were released in the mid 70’s and were some of the fastest lenses around at this time. The range consists of 18mm, 25mm, 35mm, 50mm and 85mm with a T stop of 1.4. One thing that makes the B Speeds stand out is the triangular iris which results in that distinctive triangular bokeh. This is something DOPs either love or hate and consequently, we are hoping to offer the option of swapping the triangular iris out for a more circular iris.

These lenses are also known for being very compact and as a result, TLS is rehousing the lens into a 95mm front, whilst keeping the cam-form system, high quality and strength. The original movements of the elements, some of which are floating, will be incorporated into the design so there is no loss of quality to the image.