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TLS NAB 2019 Highlights

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Published: 30-04-2019

Published by News Shooter, Matthew Allard ASC

TLS was showing their new Vega full frame cine primes at NAB 2019. TLS are primarily known for their work rehousing lenses but they have made quite a few lenses in the past including the Morpheus 80-200/T2.8 and Aurora 24-70/T2.8.

The TLS Vega full frame cine primes consist of:

  • 24mm T1.5

  • 50mm T1.5

  • 85mm T1.5

There are no official specifications about the Vega series and we are yet to find out prices or when they will ship. I had a quick play with the 24mm T1.5 on the show floor and it looks to be a beautiful lens. It has a really nice close focus ability and wide pen it produces very pleasing bokeh.

TLS Vega lens
TLS Vega lens
TLS Vega lens
TLS Vega lens
TLS Vega lens
TLS Vega lens

TLS is also now rehousing the classic Leica Noctilux-M 50mm f/0.95 lens. The rehousing includes:

  • 110mm common front ring diameter.

  • M105 front filter thread.

  • PL mount; back focus adjustable with standard shims

They are also rehousing Zeiss Mark I Super Speeds, as well as the NEO Super Baltars.

TLS Leica Noctilux lens
Series of TLS lenses
TLS Neo Super Baltar lens