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  • 85mm Petzval
  • 85mm Petzval
  • 85mm Petzval
  • 85mm Petzval
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85mm Petzval

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  • Typically 2'10" minimum object distance.

  • 110mm common front ring diameter.

  • M105 front filter thread.

  • PL mount; back focus adjustable with standard shims.

  • T stop range from T2.3 – T.22

  • 16 blade manual iris 

  • Price: £3,350 (excluding VAT)

Swirl effect bokeh with sharp center. Ideal as a portraiture lens.

Cam driven focus system and chassis style lens housing allow matte boxes and other accessories to be attached to the front of the lens, without affecting focus movements. The benefit of zero backlash and image shift give accurate dual focus scales that repeat on direction and change with the cam drive system, giving a wide spread of markings through the scale.

Aluminium alloy, stainless steel, brass and robust construction guarantees along serviceable life.