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Cine-Mod   -  Cine-Mod Conversion

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  • 108 Teeth Gear
  • 108 Teeth Gear
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108 Teeth Gear

  • 108 Teeth Cine Gear x 0.8 MOD 

  • Lens barrels up to76.8mm diameter

  • 88.0mm outside diameter

  • 8.0mm width

  • Black acetal (Delrin)

  • Individually bored to suit location diameter

  • Shrink fit to lens

  • Free measuring and fitting available

  • Price: £82.00 (excluding VAT)

For attachment to focus, zoom or iris barrels of the lens. Wholly manufactured at True Lens from black acetal (Delrin) these gears are individually bored to lens location diameter.

Gears are bored 0.2/0.3mm interference diameter size (diameter and material dependant), heated and allowed to cool in position to grasp with an even pressure to the location diameter. 

Can be secured to metal, plastic or flexible (rubber) surfaces.

Double stepped or shouldered diameters can be machined which will enable gears to run concentric and true to lens.

Suitable for non extending barrels when using fixed position follow focus units.

Standard 0.8MOD pitch gear teeth to match cine style follow focus gears.

Allow a minimum of 4.00mm solid acetal beneath root of gear when determining bore size.

Free measuring and fitting service available, return packing and carriage charges applicable.

'To inspire through innovation, passion and quality'
'To inspire through innovation, passion and quality'