Cine-Mod Conversion

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Cine-Mod Conversion

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  • Cine-Mod Conversion
    Cine-Mod Conversion

    TLS offers a 4 stage cinestyle upgrade for DSLR lenses from three major brands, others available upon request

    • Zeiss

    • Nikon

    • Leica

    Price: Mount price dependent on lens manufacturer. Gears priced separately. Enquire for more information. 

    Cine-Mod Conversion

All of these stages can be done individually or as a complete cine-mod

Iris de-click
Gives smooth and accurate movement of the iris ring. Damping grease to give a movie lens feel.

Follow focus gear
Manufactured from solid black acetal, bored to suit focus barrel diameter and shrink fit to provide a seamless 0.8 MOD gear that will not damage the lens.

Standard front diameters
80mm or 95mm front diameter adaptor rings available made from aluminium alloy anodised and dyed black.

M77 or M90 internal filter thread.

Canon EF mount conversion
Mounts fitted and collimated to allow lenses to be used on Canon cameras.

Lens Caps
Front 80mm and 95mm caps.
Rear mount cap.