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TLS has designed a full re-housing for the renowned Cooke Telepanchro 152mm/T3.2. This allows customers to update old lenses to work with modern equipment to take advantage of the unique image that vintage Cooke glass creates.

This process will reinvigorate the lens to match and compliment the rest of your TLS Speed Panchro set.

Upgrade process includes:

  • Full lens service

  • New stainless steel PL mount

  • Aluminium alloy and stainless steel housing

  • New cam form focus drive

  • High calibre focus and iris rings

  • Engraved dual focus scales

  • Standard 110mm front ring

The Morpheus is the result of a request from Arri Media to redesign an 80-200mm Nikon for the 2006 Bond Feature, which TLS has since further refined and put into production.

Designed to be lightweight; at 2.3kg (5.07lbs) they are ideal for steadicam, hand held, small camera setups and remotely operated rigs.

The optical design of this lens exhibits superb optical performance, rendering great images on film and has been optimized for digital cameras.

AR coatings reduce flares and veiling glare for deep, rich blacks and a wide contrast range, whilst the Extra Low Dispersion (ED) glass reduces chromatic aberrations, critical for digital camera sensors. The 9 leaf iris generates round, out of focus highlights and a pleasing, organic bokeh.

The lenses ergonomics demonstrates TLS’s experience in designing and engineering tools for today's practical shooting situations. Robust construction, easy to read large scales and the same 110mm front diameter as the TLS Speed Panchro and the Cooke prime range ensures that using these lenses on set is quick and efficient.

Serial number:

  • Imperial - MS-FT-001

  • Metric - MS-MT-001

  • Additional extra 114 front - MS-80-114

The Close Focus Adaptors (CF1, 2 & 3) allows the extension of the flange distance between the lenses and camera, which creates a very short depth of field and magnified image much like a Macro lens.

When CF1 is used with the TLS CSP 100mm lens the adapter achieves a 1:1 macro ratio.

Product number:

CF1 - CL-001

CF2 - CL-002

CF3 - CL-003

TLS offers a 4 stage cinestyle upgrade for DSLR lenses from three major brands, others available upon request

  • Zeiss
  • Leica

TLS will convert your Canon K35 lenses from the traditional BNCR mount to a modern PL mount designed and manufactured by TLS from 304 grade stainless steel.

A variety of PL mounts are available to suit these lenses, depending on which focal length and style of lens is to be modified.

Please note that it is sometimes not possible to convert some 14mm and 135mm K35 lenses due to internal workings clashing with the PL mount.

This allows PL Mount Lenses to be placed directly on to Canon EF port cameras. Limited spigot depth due to electrical contact pins within the Canon port and mirror travel on DSLR cameras. Maximum spigot depth of 7.0mm on the PL mount. Complete with stainless steel lock ring with aluminium fittings and plates. Canon mount.

Product number: PL-EF-001

ARRI standard to PL adaptor, manufactured by TLS from stainless steel with brass release catches. Suitable for all film and digital motion picture cameras with PL port.

Product number: AS-PL-002

Converts R35 mount lenses to PL mount. Manufactured in stainless steel, this adaptor connects directly to the R35 mount and is retained by three grub screws.

Manufactured by TLS from 304 grade stainless steel. The quick release threaded locking ring gives this adaptor the flexibility to be changed between a wide range of ARRI bayonet lenses.

Product number: AB-PL-003

Coloured Polycarbonate PL lens cap designed and manufactured at True Lens Services.

Our PL cap gives an airtight, positive seal that protects the lens in and around the PL mount.

Progressive, twist-lock action and tight feel allows the cap to sit snugly on the lens with minimal wear over time due to the inserted 'O' ring seal that keeps dust and debris ingress to a minimum.

Wide base and solid structure supports and protects the lens during handling and storage.

Provides the best protection for your optical investment.

See what Film and Digital Times said about our PL Caps here.

Serial number:

  • Black - PL-CP-001

  • Clear - PL-CP-002

  • Red - PL-CP-003 (on request only)

  • Green - PL-CP-004 (on request only)

  • Blue - PL-CP-005 (on request only)

  • Yellow - PL-CP-006 (on request only)

'To inspire through innovation, passion and quality'
'To inspire through innovation, passion and quality'