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TLS at IBC 2019

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Published: 19-09-2019

TLS exhibited at IBC Amsterdam this year, from the 13th - 17th September. We enjoyed sharing a selection of our most popular rehoused vintage lenses, along with our latest development, the Zeiss B Speeds, as well as the popular Neo Super Baltars, a special Canon 'dream' 50mm 0.95 lens and the Leica Noctilux 50mm T0.95. We were pleased to have our new Chrosziel projector at the booth as well, which offers maximum precision for our lens servicing work. Additionally, we had our latest Canon FD lens offering, the 20mm f1.2, at the show and are currently working towards offering a full set, including the below focal lengths:

  • 14mm f2.8

  • 20mm f2.8 FDn

  • 24mm f1.2

  • 28mm f2 FDn

  • 35mm f2

  • 50mm f1.2ASP

  • 55mm f1.2ASP

  • 85mm f1.2ASP

  • 100mm f2 FDn

  • 135mm f2

Check our instagram @TrueLensServices to see more photos and videos from the show. You can find us exhibiting next at the Media Technology Day in London, on the 31st October. Register to attend for free.

Canon FD coming soon
25mm Super Baltar lens
Chrosziel projector
Neo Super Baltar
Canon 50 mm dream lens
Canon 50 mm dream lens