PL Caps

PL Caps

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  • PL Caps
    PL Caps
    • Progressive, twist-lock

    • Solid poly-carbonate body

    • Airtight seal on mount

    • Wide base for vertical seating

    • Price breaks are available if 10 or more are ordered for black and clear caps only

    PL Caps

Coloured Polycarbonate PL lens cap designed and manufactured at True Lens Services.

Our PL cap gives an airtight, positive seal that protects the lens in and around the PL mount.

Progressive, twist-lock action and tight feel allows the cap to sit snugly on the lens with minimal wear over time due to the inserted 'O' ring seal that keeps dust and debris ingress to a minimum.

Wide base and solid structure supports and protects the lens during handling and storage.

Provides the best protection for your optical investment.

See what Film and Digital Times said about our PL Caps here.

Serial number:

  • Black - PL-CP-001

  • Clear - PL-CP-002

  • Red - PL-CP-003 (on request only)

  • Green - PL-CP-004 (on request only)

  • Blue - PL-CP-005 (on request only)

  • Yellow - PL-CP-006 (on request only)

'To inspire through innovation, passion and quality'
'To inspire through innovation, passion and quality'