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New Life Cine Interviews Gavin Whitehurst - Lens Summit May 2024

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Published: 09-05-2024

This year we attended the North Pacific Lens Summit hosted by Koerner Camera Systems, where Gavin Whitehurst (TLS Managing Director) met up with Matt Livingston from New Life Cine. Matt and Gavin talk about TLS's latest rehousing project that will be released later this year, the TLS rehoused Zeiss Contax lenses. He then also talks about the rehousing of other vintage lenses that we also have to offer, such as the Zeiss Super Speeds and the Mamiya 645 lenses. Click on the image above to watch the interview streaming on Facebook.

Also at the summit, we hosted a seminar on 'Servicing a TLS rehoused lens'. We were delighted on the turn out for this seminar, it was a great opportunity to share our knowledge and experience. Not only did we get to show how TLS tackle the disassembly of our rehousing's, we also had the chance to discuss technical questions amongst industry experts as well as those keen to learn. 

Thank you to Michael, Griffin and the team for their support and for organising such a spectacular event and thank you to Matt for hosting the interview.

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'To inspire through innovation, passion and quality'
'To inspire through innovation, passion and quality'