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TLS K35 Lenses used for New York City Ballet Presents This Bitter Earth

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Published: 10-07-2020

TLS is pleased to learn that our rehoused K35 lenses were used to shoot a stunning short promotional film for the New York City Ballet — a single continuous shot of Sara Mearns and Adrian Danchig-Waring performing an excerpt from Christopher Wheeldon’s This Bitter Earth.

Director of Photography Sam Wootton filmed the piece using the ARRI Alexa Mini LF paired with TLS rehoused Canon K35 lenses. On choosing the lenses for the project, Sam said "I've always been a fan of Canon K35 lenses for their subtle softness and veiling flare at open apertures - and almost all focal lengths cover the larger sensor of the Alexa LF. With this in mind, I thought the lenses would encourage a feeling of presence and immediacy for the audience. Shooting at a T2, we had a shallow focus look with an intimate quality that resonated with the dance choreography. The TLS rehousing made the camera team confident that the lenses would perform reliably throughout the long take on steadicam, even as we made quick focus adjustments and gentle iris corrections.

Watch the video below.