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Keith Truslove Retires from TLS After 17 Years of Building the True Lens Services Business

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Published: 26-07-2018

Keith Truslove

Please join us all in extending our best wishes and tremendous appreciation to Keith Truslove, who is retiring from TLS. Keith is proudly handing over the reins of the company to son-in-law Gavin Whitehurst, who is head of lens engineering and design, and Stephen Lowe, lens servicing manager. Colin is staying on as Director and will continue playing a strong role in the management and direction of the company. With such strong leadership, TLS will continue in its mission to provide world renowned lens servicing and innovation for generations to come.

Keith co-founded True Lens Services with Colin over 17 years ago. His leadership and innovation have played an immense part in making TLS what it is today. His wealth of knowledge and dedication have enabled TLS to meet the demands of high-end filmmakers by providing bespoke lens innovation and servicing. Thanks to his hard efforts, TLS is now recognised worldwide for its lens innovation, with an unbeatable reputation in the design, manufacture and servicing of lenses.

“I’d like to thank Keith who founded TLS along with Colin for the opportunity he gave me to work and develop at this great company,” said Gavin Whitehurst. “I have felt privileged to work alongside Keith who was happy to share his depth of knowledge in the lens industry.”

Stephen Lowe said; “Since starting at TLS, Keith has not only taught me about servicing lenses, but he has helped me in understanding how the business runs. Furthermore, he has taken the time to introduce me to our current clients and taught me how to make bridges with new ones.”

The entire True Lens Services team would like to take this opportunity to thank Keith for all that he’s done and commend him for his accomplishments. We wish him a happy retirement and all the best on this next chapter!