Telepanchro 152/T3.2

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Telepanchro 152/T3.2

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  • Telepanchro 152/T3.2
  • Telepanchro 152/T3.2
  • Telepanchro 152/T3.2
  • Telepanchro 152/T3.2
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Telepanchro 152/T3.2

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  • 0.8 MOD focus and iris gears

  • Less than 5'6" minimum object distance.

  • 110mm common front ring diameter.

  • M105 front filter thread.

  • PL mount; back focus adjustable with standard shims.

  • Price: £3,550

  • Pair together: £3450

TLS has designed a full re-housing for the renowned Cooke Telepanchro 152mm/T3.2. This allows customers to update old lenses to work with modern equipment to take advantage of the unique image that vintage Cooke glass creates.

This process will reinvigorate the lens to match and compliment the rest of your TLS Speed Panchro set.

Upgrade process includes:

  • Full lens service

  • New stainless steel PL mount

  • Aluminium alloy and stainless steel housing

  • New cam form focus drive

  • High calibre focus and iris rings

  • Engraved dual focus scales

  • Standard 110mm front ring