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Brendan McGinty DOP talks about his experience

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Published: 12-10-2023

Brendan is based in London, UK. His filming experience spans across the globe, providing us with dramas, commercials and documentaries. Brendan has worked with many well-known personalities, such as David Attenborough, Will Smith and Darren Aronofsky, to name a few. 

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Today, we talk to Brendan about his experience with working with a set of Canon Rangefinder lenses, on the production of 'The Devil on Trial'. 

Read Brendan's full story here.

'The Devil on Trial' is a feature length Docudrama for Netflix. It was directed by Chris Holt and produced by Dorothy Street Pictures in the UK. 

The program will be available to stream on Netflix from Tuesday 17th October 2023.

'To inspire through innovation, passion and quality'
'To inspire through innovation, passion and quality'