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We are Now Rehousing the Mamiya 645!

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Published: 28-09-2021

Rehousing the Mamiya 645

We are proud to announce that we now rehouse the Mamiya 645 lenses with the option of adding the speed booster/focal reducer.

The speed booster/focal reducer will allow you to go as wide as a 25mm whilst also gaining a stop in light. With this option coverage will be reduced, but all lenses will still cover full frame sensors including LF and Monstro. Whilst maintaining the stunning Mamiya image qualities the speed booster will soften the edges for that truly cinematic look!

PL or LPL mount is also available for a standard Mamiya 645 rehousing, maintaining full medium format coverage.

Both options have a replacement circular iris, cam mechanics and a 95mm front diameter.

Find out more about the Mamiya 645 lenses here -

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'To inspire through innovation, passion and quality'
'To inspire through innovation, passion and quality'