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TLS K35s and Morpheus 80-200 lenses chosen for CRIME!

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Published: 29-11-2021

We were very excited to learn that TLS K35s and Morpheus 80-200 lenses were requested by Will Pugh DOP for CRIME.  

CRIME drama

CRIME is a six-part drama series, filmed in Glasgow & Edinburgh, starring Dougray Scott, known for Hitman and Mission Impossible 2. The drama was written by Irvine Welsh, a writer who is well known for writing the blockbuster hit Trainspotting. The production was filmed using TLS rehoused K35s and Morpheus 80-200 lenses rented from No Drama Ltd, a lenses rental house based in Glasgow.

Will Pugh DOP, had a few words to say about the lenses in production -

My lens choice on CRIME was actually pretty easy due to a process of elimination. On account of all the tight locations and close up handheld work, I knew I wanted spherical lenses, and a set that were light and non-obtrusive. Although this was a 4K production, I was shooting on the Sony Venice and thought it would be useful to have lenses that also covered 6K FF for certain applications. Optically I was looking for an organic feel - a bit of character - nothing too hard or clinical. This list of needs brought me very quickly to a full set of TLS-housed K35s which we supplemented with the TLS Morpheus 80-200mm zoom. Optically I loved the K35s, which were perfect for the series. The build quality and physical performance were also exemplary.

CRIME started streaming on Britbox on 18th November 2021, so don’t miss it, this is worth the watch!

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'To inspire through innovation, passion and quality'