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Congratulations to Stephen & Heidi on their 10 Year Work Anniversary

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Published: 14-12-2023

We wanted to share with you two TLS team member story’s this week from Stephen and Heidi. Stephen is our TLS Operations Director and Heidi is our TLS Office Manager, they both have been working with TLS for ten years, which is a fantastic achievement.

Stephen’s TLS Story –
Stephen started with True Lens Services (TLS) in August 2013, as a trainee lens service technician. Stephen came from a background of mechanical mindset and a passion for photography.

Stephen comments –
“I have always had a passion to progress and learn more, so I continued taking on as much information as I could. I also began to rehouse the Canon K-35’s and later the Canon FD ranges of lenses to help reduce the waiting times that were on the rise. I worked alongside Gavin (Managing Director) to gain more business information and better people skills.”

Stephen then started to focus on ‘people management’ and conducted further training in this field. And soon enough, in 2015, Stephen moved on to become Service Manager and in 2020 General Manager.

Stephen expresses his thanks to his colleagues and customers -
“During my time at TLS I have gained a vast amount of knowledge about the mechanical and optical assembly of lenses from all manufacturers within the industry; from classic vintage lenses through to the modern day lens. I am very grateful for the help and support that TLS has offered me throughout my career, especially to both founding directors, Keith Truslove and Colin Sanders who have been very helpful and giving me that extra push to achieve my maximum potential. I would like to give a big thanks to Gavin Whitehurst for his continued support, trust, and motivation to keep moving forward and always giving me that extra push.

I am grateful for the TLS customers; I have never worked in an industry where the customers are so helpful and understanding. The customers give me inspiration to create, discover and adapt to the ever-changing filming industry, a huge thanks to them all!”

Heidi’s TLS Story -

Working a similar roll prior to TLS, Heidi started at TLS as an administrator, and through the years she worked her way up to management to where she is now. 

Heidi’s Comments -

I have seen many changes through the years, the servicing department was the main core of the business when I first started, the lens rehousing department had already began with the rehousing of the Cooke Speed Panchros, and soon after the rehousing of the Bausch & Lomb Super Baltars were introduced. The lens rehousing was taking off and then there was no stopping TLS. The product range is now wider than I have ever seen it! And more recently, I have been a part of the biggest change, when TLS moved to its new premises earlier this year. Our new premises is wonderful, it is a massive improvement. We now have more space to work and more space to grow as a team.

Heidi expresses her thanks to her colleagues and customers -

One of the lovely things about working at TLS is the nature of the industry and the TLS Team. I class TLS as my second home and now I feel like a part of the furniture. We have our busy days and our crazy days, but we always have our laughing days, which always makes the working day go so quick. Thank you to all the TLS team members, I hope to still be around to see another 10 years with TLS, to see the continued growth and progress.

A big thanks from all at TLS

Heidi and Stephen are both treasures to have working with us. Thank you, Stephen and Heidi, for all your efforts through the years. Your hard work, dedication, passion, and loyalty that you have displayed throughout these ten years of service is an inspiration to us all, we do not know what we would do without you. Congratulations on your Work Anniversary!

'To inspire through innovation, passion and quality'
'To inspire through innovation, passion and quality'