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Film and Digital Times: Best Unexpected Product of NAB

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Published: 04-11-2014

Sometimes the most unexpected thing pops up at NAB, and success surprises even its own manufacturer. True Lens Services rolled out a newly re-housed Cooke Series 1 to go with their updated cam-focus PL mount rehoused Panchro series 2 and 3 lenses.

TLS PL Lens Cap

But the buzz was also all about their new PL rear lens caps in clear polycarbonate and an O-ring to keep it on. How many times do our regular PL caps fall off in the case or in our hands? These things grip nicely, don’t come off and have a wide bottom so you can usually rest the lens standing up on a table or camera cart. They come in all kinds of colors — but clear is cool because you can see what’s inside.

Rental houses were buying these TLS PL rear caps by the bucket, presumably with custom logos.

FDTimes doesn’t really bestow plaques, statues or NAB top something awards…but a little, clear cap  got our attention.

Two TLS PL Lens Caps, side by side
'To inspire through innovation, passion and quality'
'To inspire through innovation, passion and quality'