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Christian Sprenger – Atlanta Series

icon arrow Back Sprenger, a cinematographer from Chicago, America, recently become a member of the ASC and has worked on many commercials and music video, but is well-known for filming the series Atlanta. Atlanta is an American comedy-drama series, created by Donald Glover. The series was predominately shot with the TLS Kowa Cine Prominar lenses provided by Keslow Camera,

Here is Christian and his wife Jessica, at the Emmy Awards 2022.

We spoke to Christian, and he told us his experience with the lenses whilst filming -

Very early on in prep I presented the idea of shooting on Kowa’s to our director Hiro Muria; we knew that we wanted a softer, more organic lens with unique character but that could handle a television workflow and the Kowa seemed to check all our boxes. Over time, the soul of the Prominars came to define the aesthetic of the series. Even when at times we chose to switch to different lenses for various creative reasons, we were always striving to maintain the sentiment of The Kowa Prominars. 

One of the best aspects to using the TLS Kowa’s is the physical build quality that we've all come to expect from a modern lens being applied to glass that is over 60yrs old. Mechanically, these lenses perform exactly the same as modern glass and for our camera crew they are a dream come true. These expertly rehoused lenses also require far less servicing meaning our production as a whole does not suffer the interruptions of our gear going down. 

The production of Atlanta is very nimble, and intimate and capturing that intimacy on glass that is so rich with nuance and character is an exciting adventure. We have truly woven these lenses into the fabric of our show and are forever grateful for the legacy of aesthetics that the Kowa’s have provided. 

Thank you, Christian for sharing your experience with us.

If you would like to see more of Christian Sprenger's work, please go to his website, where you can more of what he has worked on or you can find him on Instagram

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'To inspire through innovation, passion and quality'