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TLS Introduces New Re-Engineered Canon K35 Lenses at Cine Gear LA


Published: 30-05-2016

Dan Chung and the team at Newsshooter caught up with our Gavin at CineGear LA to learn more about why we decided to give the ageing Canon K35 lenses a new lease of life. 

This June 3rd - 4th, TLS will be exhibiting at the Cine Gear Expo in Los Angeles, California at booth #2. In addition to the full range of TLS lenses, we will be featuring our new Canon K35 18mm, 24mm and 35mm lenses, which have a dual cam system for the floating elements and an extended focus scale with 300 degrees of rotation. These lenses are the first in the range of Canon K35 lenses to be converted into TLS cam form, for this reason they were the most complicated to convert in the series and have been a long time in the making. 

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