Close Focus Adaptors

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Close Focus Adaptors

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  • Close Focus Adaptors
    • Stainless steel PL mount 

    • Aluminium construction, anodised and blackened 

    • Variable light loss, distance dependent 

    • Pricing

      • CF1: £500.00 (excluding VAT)

      • CF2: £500.00 (excluding VAT)

      • CF3: £500.00 (excluding VAT)

      • CF Set: £1,250 (excluding VAT)

    Close Focus Adaptors

The Close Focus Adaptors (CF1, 2 & 3) allows the extension of the flange distance between the lenses and camera, which creates a very short depth of field and magnified image much like a Macro lens.

When CF1 is used with the TLS CSP 100mm lens the adapter achieves a 1:1 macro ratio.

Product number:

CF1 - CL-001

CF2 - CL-002

CF3 - CL-003