Lens Rehousing  -  Neo Super Baltar

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Lens Rehousing  -  Neo Super Baltar

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Neo Super Baltar 20mm T2.3

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Released in the early 1960’s, the Bausch and Lomb Super Baltars immediately established themselves as the optics of choice for motion picture and television. Films such as The Godfather I and The Godfather II were both shot on Super Baltars as well as Hitchcock’s The Birds and the iconic TV series Star Trek.

Recently, Caldwell Photographic resurrected these famous lenses from the original Bausch and Lomb blueprints, ensuring they produce the same gorgeous images as their namesake. The only thing separating the Neo Super Baltars from the originals is availability. TLS has offered a full cam-form rehousing of the Super Baltars over the past few years which has proved extremely popular. We have now extended our style of rehousing to the Neo Super Baltars and can offer a very similar finish to the original Super Baltar rehousing or alternatively, offer a more vintage look of housing with clear aluminium cover and rear ring as pictured.

Neo Super Baltar 20mm T2.3 Specification

20mm 25mm 35mm 50mm 75mm 100mm 152mm
T-Stop T2.3 T2.3 T2.3 T2.3 PT2.3 T2.3 T3
Min. Object Distance typ. 11" 9" 13" 14" 20" 3'3"" 5'
Front Diameter (mm) 110mm 110mm 110mm 110mm 110mm 110mm 110mm
Total Length *(mm) 90mm 133mm 90mm 78mm 118mm 128.5mm 179mm
Total Length *(inches) 3 1/2" 5 1/4" 3 1/2" 3 3/32" 4 5/8" 5 1/16" 7 1/16"
Weight **(g) 1525g 2015g 1310g 1290g 1535g 1950g 2400g
Weight **(lbs) 3lbs 6oz 4lbs 7oz 2lbs 14oz 2lbs13oz 3lbs 6oz 4lbs 5oz 5lbs 5oz

* Total approximate length is measured from the flange to the front of lens

** Weight subject to change with further developments

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