Kite Matte Box

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Kite Matte Box

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  • Kite Matte Box
    Kite Matte Box
    • 130mm rear clamp to suit relative lenses

    • One fully rotating and one fixed filter section

    • Supplied with two filter trays of choice: 4x4/4x5.65/5x5/ or PV 5.65x5.65

    • Quick release French flag

    • Optically flat coated ray shade

    • Supplied with one adaptor ring of customers' choice

    Kite Matte Box

The Kite 2-stage is designed for super wide lenses.

Range of filter tray sizers available up to PV 5.65" x 5.65"

Weight: 0.92kg

Optional extras:

  • Bar support brackets (15x60,15x100 or 19x104)

  • Barn doors (pair): £210 (excluding VAT)

  • Camera interface and bars

  • TLS Swing away system

  • Additional adaptor rings

Price: £935 (excluding VAT. Includes 2x Filter Trays, French Flag, Adaptor Ring)

Serial number: KT-001