Kestrel LT Matte Box

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Kestrel LT Matte Box

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The TLS Kestrel LT incorporates all the mechanical features of the original TLS Kestrel mattebox, but is fitted with a narrower, more compact rayshade and French flag.

Still compatible with standard Kestrel accessories, including adaptor rings and bar support bracket. Its acceptance of both 4” x 4” and 4” x 6” filters directly into the filter section make the Kestrel LT the perfect choice for the disconcerting camera operator.

Weight: 0.32kg

Optional extras:

  • Clamp on lens support available

  • Barn doors (pair) £210.00 (excluding VAT)

  • Bar support bracket 

Additional adaptor rings:

  • Standard: £15 (excluding VAT)

  • Cone/Offset: £35 (excluding VAT)

  • Clamp on: £35 (excluding VAT)

Price: £245 (excluding VAT. Includes 2x Filter Trays, French Flag, Adaptor Ring)