Lens Rehousing  -  Mamiya 645

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Lens Rehousing  -  Mamiya 645

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Mamiya 645 77mm

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TLS is now rehousing the Mamiya 645 55mm, 80mm, and 110mm lenses. The Mamiya lenses can be converted to LPL mount with a new circular iris and built in speed booster - as a result the lenses become a wider focal length whilst still covering full frame sensors, at a stop faster than the original lens. With this process the 55mm becomes a 38mm, the 80mm becomes a 56mm and the 110mm becomes a 77mm. TLS can also offer rehousing to PL mount with a replacement circular iris, without the built in speedbooster, therefore retaining the original focal length. 

Cam driven focus system and chassis style lens housing allow matte boxes and other accessories to be attached to the front of the lens, without affecting focus movements. The benefit of zero backlash and image shift give accurate dual focus scales that repeat on direction and change with the cam drive system, giving a wide spread of markings through the scale.

Aluminium alloy, stainless steel, brass and robust construction guarantees along serviceable life.