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Kestrel Matte Box

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  • Two filter sections, one static and one fully rotating

  • Quick release aluminum French flag

  • Hinged filter cover fitted to an optically flat coated ray shade

  • Supplied with adaptor ring of customers choice

Designed for HDV cameras.

Supplied with one full rotating filter section to accept 4"x4" filters and one static section to accept 4"x4" or 6"x4" filters. Accepts adapters for suitable major manufacturer’s cameras.

Interchangeable bellows version available. Standard ring sizes: M37/M52/M58/M62/M72/M77/M82

Weight: 0.50kg

Optional extras:

  • Bar support or lens support available

  • Barn doors (pair): £210 (excluding VAT)

Additional adaptor rings:

  • Standard: £25 (excluding VAT)

  • Cone/Offset: £35 (excluding VAT)

  • Clamp on: £35 (excluding VAT)

Price: £245 (excluding VAT. Includes 2x Filter Trays, French Flag, Adaptor Ring)

Serial number: KL-001